House Pads
House Pad Preparation for Durable House Construction

Are you going to have your house constructed?
At times, many people ignore the importance of giving their home the required firm support while giving priority to the rest of the building. However, to give your house the required longevity and stability, it is essential to have a solid foundation for house construction.

House pads act as the primary layer of all building foundation. These are referred to as the raised compressed platform upon which the development and the construction of the houses are carried on. G&H Earthworks has the required skill and competence to provide the effective and quality house pad preparation in Ballina and other regions. We take care of all the vital elements and ascertain the work is completed with utmost care.

Why US for House Pad Preparation?

G&H Earthworks is the trusted name in the field of building construction. Over the years, we have mastered the ways of accomplishing things to perfection.

Technical Expertise

We have the technical expertise in performing house pad excavation. With modern machinery, and geo technical consultants on hand, we are ready to give advice.

Easy Consultation

We know how difficult it is for the house owners to get things done properly, especially when it comes to material selection. We inspect and diagnose the place where you are going to have your house constructed and recommend things accordingly.

Certified Consultant

G&H Earthworks are experienced contractors, and hence, our works are carried out tocouncil standards. We can have a certified geo technical consultant onsite to sign off on all earthworks.

Quality Assurance

We know the importance of sticking to engineering standards. We never compromise on the quality of the material and the work that we do. We take care of your building construction and ascertain durability and longevity.

Cost Effective

If you are tired of the high quotes that companies are putting to you, then believe in our Quotes. We are very cost-effective contractors taking care of your budget.

Contact us for obligation free quote that would include a transparent costing – a detailed breakdown of the various services.